Albar Trading PLC is one of the best Export, Import and Manufacturing  business in Ethiopia

About Us

Albar Trading PLC is a young but fast-growing business enterprise in all dimensions of its touch.
The business enterprise in its current arrangement aged for the last decade with diversified involvement in the business. The reach of the company currently operating incorporates Import-Export, Transport service, Manufacturing industries, Modern Commercial Farm, Real estate development and currently many more are underway to be lunched like poultry farm which will operate on 50,000m2 plot of land. Other six additional investment areas are also under thorough investment analysis for their feasibility check.
Mr. Ahmed Ali Abdulkadir and his family started the business with an initial capital of 1 million Ethiopian Birr. With the enormous hard work of the business owners, management, and employees the company’s capital growth is manyfold from the initial investment to 3 billion ETB or around 60 million USD.

Head Office of the Company

The Major Businesses of the company are located in Addis Ababa the capital city of the country and Adama town, one of the major trade and conference tourism centers of the country, only 100 Km from Addis Ababa connected with the first expressway road infrastructure. Others are found in the outskirt areas from the center. The company currently creates more than 500 permanent employment opportunities and many more are also working on a seasonal base.

Our Vision

To become one of the best five ranked Ethiopian Company by 2030.

Our Mission

Expanding its contribution to development and prosperity with multi-dimensional business interventions: Export-Import; Transport and logistics services; Real estate development; Manufacturing; Commercial farming; poultry farm and others with continuous improvement.

Our Values 

Our central elements in doing all our business are:

  • Serving for result
  • Trust and accountable
  • Quality and Accessible
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team work and employee value


  • Export-Import
  • Freight Transport
  • PP Bag Factory
  • Animal Feed Processing
  • Commercial Farming
  • Real Estate Development
  • Poultry Farm

Current business operations of the company


Albar Trading PLC has been operating in the industry since 2011. Moving forward with the mindset of continuous improvement, the intervention of the company expands in diversity and market destination reaching all parts of the world as an exporter and Importer.

The developed customer relationship through trust in all dimension push the company to reach the market of Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Currently the company exports:

  • Oil seeds
  • Pulses
  • Sesame
  • Coffee and others

So far many tons of such products are exported to all corners of the world market.


In line with the export business, Albar trading is also a major importer of different Construction machinery, trucks and accessories, industry and construction inputs, agricultural machinery, and others. The following are some of the imported products.

Imported trucks for sale
Different size steel bars imported

Albar trading PLC organized more than four cleaning facilities including a special purpose facility for coffee processing. Such state-of-the-art technologies are supported by more than four very large warehouse facilities for raw materials and processed products for export. In addition, it has also a bonded warehouse privilege from the concerned government authority for its imported products.

Transport Service

The other investment area of the company is transport service delivery. The company avails nearly 50 trucks with a loading capacity of 40 tons. The transport service delivery is both for the company’s own import and export transaction needs and also participates in the freight transport industry of the country.

The company strategically is targeting and working to upgrade the transport sector to a full-scale logistics center.

Manufacturing Industries

As a value chain, the company’s businesses are interlinked. The animal feed and PP bag manufacturing factories are taking inputs and supplying products to the other sector, especially the import-export.
Albar PP bag manufacturing factory is operating with a capacity of 92,496 meters per day with the available 41 types of machinery. The factory is organized in Adama town with its own compound acquired by the company. It creates a job opportunity for more than 400 employees.

The other manufacturing factory owned by the company is the Animal Feed processing factory. It is located in Addis Ababa, adjacent to Akakki-Kaliti Bus station. This factory produces different types of animal feed with a capacity of more than 12,000kg per hour.

New Businesses

The company is on the verge of opening a poultry farm with a large capacity in a 50,000m2 compound that is already secured by the government. This business is also linked with animal feed factories for feed supply.

In addition, a commercial farm in Somalia national regional government of Ethiopia is under establishment which will produce different cereals and other products including input for the animal feed factory.

The farm is planned to start its operation with 4,000 hectares of land initially and which will be further scaled up to add more plots of land to diversify the plantation.


 Albar building, Kebele 05, Adama Town,
Oromia National Regional State,


Addis Ababa, Akaki Kality sub city, in
front of the sub-city adm. Building
Business contacts
Phone No. +251 221126868
+251 114715008
Fax:+251 221125172

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